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Mission statement: Provide clients with well crafted articles and blogs, produce entertaining and educational video and audio, while exceeding expectations and meeting deadlines.

GREG HITCHCOCK is an experienced multimedia journalist and public speaker. As principal owner of RED FROG COMMUNICATION, a public service business in the field of mass marketing and communications, Greg gets projects and assignments completed above clients’ expectations.

Greg lives by his company’s motto,  “Matching Quality with Content.”


Your willingness to speak in your own voice provided a resource that will undoubtedly help shape their professional lives.

Maureen McLeod, Ph.D, Director, Forensic Mental Health, Sage Graduate Schools


Your presentation was well organized, flawlessly presented, inspiring and informative. When participants rated your presentation on the conference evaluation form, the vast majority rated it as excellent and the remainder rated it as very good.

Helena Davis, Director, Anti-Discrimination Programs, Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.


Your articles and photos effectively captured Saturday evening’s event. It was a pleasure to have you join us.

Jeff Bray, Executive Vice President, Fulton County Economic Development Corporation


Your continued coverage of Lottery press conferences and events not only makes the public aware of the fact that people really do win Lottery games, but also reinforces the Lottery’s sole purpose – to raise money for primary and secondary education in New York State.

Nancy A. Palumbo, Director, New York Lottery